The two-storey typical M18 house distinguishes among other distinct expressiveness of forms. This is a modern private house, which is designed in strict lines of high tech style. Significant originality of the appearance with unchanging functionality of internal planning will not remain without attentionpotors of modern design in architecture and traditional ideas about comfort.

1 In design solutions for the facades of this two-storey house with a garage, an unusual combination of finishing materials with a different texture is overcome. Light decorative plaster favorably shades with contrasting panels of two colors. The highlight of the project is large areas of glazing: one of the walls is completely composed of large windows. This structural feature guarantees you exclusive insolation of premises all year round and will fill the interior with a sense of space and harmony. It smoothly connects through the spacious and bright dining area with an open kitchen.

Today, all ready-made projects of the two-storeyed buildings on the construction market have sufficient functionality and guarantee comfort. Not an exception and MX 117. In the space of the first floor dominated by a spacious living room, having access to the corner terrace. It smoothly connects through the spacious and bright dining area with an open kitchen. An additional room, a bathroom, several household facilities that make life easier - a necessary functional minimum of a residential building in accordance with the modern requirements for the comfort of private housing. The second floor of the building is formed by three spacious bedrooms, each of which has access to the balcony. For the comfort of the owners, one of the bedrooms is equipped with a dressing room. There is also a bridge wardrobe in the lobby.

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